Let’s play Backspace Bouken (Demo)! Or at least try to. Cover image by Discord member Mayanana. Photo editing assistance by Discord member Ark (Lars).

Backspace Bouken

Backspace Bouken is a game by a friend of ours, and the playable demo was just released recently, so of course we had to play it and provide helpful feedback.

So to copy paste the description of the game from the itch page real quick…

Explore and survive as the young typist Kana in an old-school dungeon full of absurd encounters, mysterious puzzles, surprising secrets, and more.

Skeleton on screen. Halfway through typing the attack 'You are a powerful warrior! Ugh.'

Fight a skeleton in the dungeon. Screenshot taken from their itch page.

The following is a stream-of-playing live-playthrough (edited for anonymity and style and sensemaking) of Gamma trying to play it. Please keep in mind that Gamma is not particularly good at playing games.

Without further ado…

Launching the game

Title screen showing options: NEW GAME, LOAD GAME, OPTIONS, EXIT TO DESKTOP

Why can I see my mouse cursor? Which doesn't show up in the screenshot. But trust me, it was in the center of the blue orb.

Playing the game

Backstory screen. A keyboard, your friend ASTERISK, an da sense of urgency are at your side as you approach the tower. You are KANA, an up-and-coming typist from DAIKICHI. Your sisters are gravely ill.

Help I can't read this font. Dev: Yeah we already switched fonts.

Butterfly navigator on screen telling you to PRESS ENTER TO INTERACT WITH TEXT AND OTHER THINGS
Image of tower with sidewalk hedging
At the door of the title. Enter a password to proceed.

Inside the tower

Gamma typoing 'You are a poewrful or! Ug, instead of the correct answer: You are a powerful warrior! Ugh.'
Typing: Youre lucky lucky to be graced by my p; Correct answer: You are lucky to be graced by my presence.

Hope reading Gamma’s attempts at playing through the game was enjoyable~

Check out the game and help the devs with some feedback! Use it to learn a new keyboard layout or simply to practice typing~


Artist: Discord member Corvid_Reaven