Quick tip we discovered today (that we probably knew a couple years ago).

Today, gamma was working with Photoshop and exporting layers. This is a fairly common task (though, keep it secret, gamma is a bit behind). Anyway, today’s file was not terribly large or complex (or related to Red Embrace: Hollywood), but it still required the usual exporting of an individual layer and saving it with a specifically formatted name.

Usually, the task pipeline is: turn off all the other layers (so that only one layer is showing), crop canvas to fit the image for export, then head over to the file menu and quick export as PNG (or export as if we want to save as JPG).

all layers are on in the file
turned all layers off except for the layer with the star icon
cropped star canvas
export the layer

Little did we know but accidentally found out today…

You can right click a layer and export it to PNG, and it will automatically export that single layer at the right size?

contextual menu for exporting a PNG from a layer
look at it magically exporting properly!